Self-Development for Positive leadership: Strengths-Based Approach

“People matter, period.” Chris Peterson (1950-2012)

Professor Nansook Park presented an in-depth exploration of positive psychology and the strengths based approach. Her friend and colleague Chris Peterson, who had led this research for many years, had passed away recently and very suddenly, and I wish here to salute her immense courage in coming to teach us, and express my deep gratitude to her.

If you wish to experiment with the strengths-based approach:

Take the VIA Strengths test at: (you will need to register).

Take one of the top five strengths you have identified , and for the following week, use the strength in a new way every day. For example:


Speak up for an unpopular idea in a group.

Protest to the appropriate authorities about a clear injustice you observe.

Do something you would ordinarily would not because of fear.

This intervention has been shown to have long-term positive effects on happiness. Repeat with different strengths as you wish.


What makes life worth living, Chris Peterson:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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