Embodied Programs

Below are example embodied programs from our wide portfolio:

Personal Communication Impact:

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The purpose of this workshop is to provide a strong learning experience addressing the development objectives of Communicating with Impact and Building Relationships.

You will learn:

Making an impact with your presence

  • The impact of the body on learning and performance
  • The fundamentals of successful communication (verbal, non-verbal)
  • How the way you feel, think and act affects others
  • To manage the signals transmitted by your personal presence
  • To use the power of your presence and your body language to
    engage and positively influence others
  • How to develop greater embodied awareness, presence and focus
  • Embodied stress and state-management techniques
  • The impact of embodied intention on relational and leadership outcomes

How to deal effectively with people of different personalities, working and communication styles and cultural backgrounds

  • The various dimensions of culture and how they are expressed
  • Core skills of intercultural competence
  • How to use the 4 Elements Model to understand and better relate to other personalities and cultures
  • How to leverage emotional activation to increase impact and connect with positivity resonance for lasting rapport
  • How to use Positive inquiry and Active listening for rapport and connection

Network to build win-win relationships

  • How to reach out and make a connection without feeling awkward or coming across as desperate
  • How to communicate your message to gain credibility and trust
  • How to keep the conversation fresh and interesting
  • How to manage ‘The Clingers’
  • How to effectively follow up from networking events


Embodied self-leadership: Balance, presence and resilience for performance:


Development aimed at sustained high performance in leaders and executives is often aimed at cognitive capability and skills. This however is rarely enough for a person to flourish under ever-increasing pressure and rapid change. The embodied self-leadership approach draws on many other disciplines, from martial arts to sport science, positive psychology and mindfulness to build capacities in four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and actualisational (purpose and values). In all these areas interventions that sustain energy and performance are co-created with participants, and tailored to their working lives.

This session is aimed at leaders, executives and trainers or coaches who are seeking new ways to develop greater presence, leadership capability, resilience and life balance, or support their clients in doing so.

You will learn, discuss and practice:

 Basics of embodiment

  • Willpower and science of habit change
  • Exercise, diet and sleep
  • Relaxation and recovery rituals
  • ·Presence, focus and mindfulness
  • Emotional resilience and positivity
  • Purpose and values
  • Embodied communication and leadership

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