Happiness Facilitator Training

Design your happiness workshop – The Happiness Tree

Prague, January 12th 2019, 13.00-18.30, 1950 czk

Design Your Happiness™ workshop is a happiness development program based on two great ideas of positive psychology, Martin Seligman’s PERMA model and Barbara Frederickson’s broaden and build theory. Having started in 2010, the workshop provided happy growing moments to over 110,000 participants and spread internationally to Spain, France, Czech Republic, Russia, and Netherlands. It was designed to help people broaden their perspective on their positive identity and create new intentional behaviors for a happier life. The Happiness tree process facilitates diverse positive emotions such as joy, fun, interest and gratitude with its’ simple 3 steps progression through Ice-melting, Seeding, and Blooming in which people reflect on their life through the 5 different perspectives of PERMA and discover 8 happiness keywords. All participants can design 24 micro happier actions reaching out from their own 8 keywords. The core benefit of this workshop is that participants can easily understand positive psychology through experiential learning and each participant would get tangible and practical results on how to be happy.

In the Design Your Happiness   Workshop – Facilitation Course, anyone who wants to have a positive impact on the happy growth and change of others, such as instructors, teachers, coaches, etc., can participate, and participants can conduct the workshop freely using the Toolkit and question sets developed and applied by BLOOM COMPANY.


ECPP 2016, Angers FRANCE

  • Location, Date and Time: Prague 2, January 12th 2019 (English) – JazyGo
    Mánesova 917/28, 120 00 Prague, Czech Republic
  • Target : Teachers, Facilitators and Coaches, Teachers,
    Counselors, Community workers and non-profit, etc.
  • Pricing : 120 EURO
  • Design your Happiness W/S PPT(soft copy), Facilitation manual(hard copy),
    Happiness seed question list, and 1 Bloom Pocket will be provided.
  • When purchasing the first toolkits (Bloom Pocket) after the FT course, a 50% discount will be applied to Bloom pockets (for the first 100 pieces).
  • 10% discount for future purchases of Bloom Pocket.
  • Contact : Sebastien Martineau(00 420 608 442 203, sebastien@positiveleadership.biz)


Trainers, facilitators and coaches

Teachers and education professionals

Employee or student well-being officers

Healthcare professionals and therapists

Community workers and non-profit

If you are working in the field of well-being or want to apply positive psychology in your life and work, this is for YOU.




Sebastien Martineau is BLOOM COMPANY’s Happiness Ambassador to Europe and founder of Positive Leadership Development training company. He is a psychologist and aikido teacher with extensive experience of delivering development programs in business and education. He completed the master program of Positive Leadership and Strategy from IE school (Spain) in 2014. Bloom tools are integrated into Positive Leadership Development’s training and coaching programs, and Sebastien conducts Happiness Facilitator Training (HAFT) in Europe as part of his role of Happiness Ambassador.


The course costs 1950 czk, inclusive of the Bloom pocket lite.

FOR ANY OTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CALL SEBASTIEN ON 00 420 608 442 203 or EMAIL sebastien@positiveleadership.biz