Positive leadership Academy

“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths, making our weaknesses irrelevant.”

Peter Drucker

Over the last decade, research in Positive Psychology (the science of growth and extraordinary performance) and Neuroscience has demonstrated that positive approaches achieve superior and sustainable performance in individuals, teams, functions and organizations

Positive leadership results in employees who are more engaged and more satisfied in their work. These benefits cannot be imposed. They can be allowed to emerge by a leader who creates a context in which positivity can flourish, having begun with positive self-transformation.

This training, based on Positive Psychology, unites scientific principles and practices for maximising strengths and positivity with experiential demonstrations of these principles. It is designed for leaders who wish to access a deeper dimension to their leadership.

During the program leaders are guided through an in-depth exploration of these fields, enabling them to examine their effectiveness in each of these areas.


  •  Mental models & assumptions
  • Motivation
  • Mindset
  • Willpower & habit change
  • Decision-making
  • Happiness & Positivity
  • Character strengths and virtues
  • Embodiment & presence
  • Well-being
  • Social and emotional intelligence
  • Purpose & Values
  • Communication & Dialogue
  • Positive Leadership
  • Positive culture
  • Customer happiness
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement
  • Customer happiness
  • Strategy
  • Action plan

Duration: 2 to 6 days Course depending on chosen focus.

Max. Number of Attendees :12


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